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Call us today for all your squirrel and wildlife removal & relocation problems. Catch It Wild also offers exclusion repairs for your peace of mind and the health and happiness of your family and home. Call us today and find out for yourself that we really do care. Call Today! 770-361-9588
Solving Home Owners Problems & Customer Service is our #1 Priority!!
Before Tim started this company he said he would never do pest control. Alot of our competitors are doing pest control now but at Catch It Wild we stand strong behind this and still state we are not a pest control company, but we do provide services that take care of your nuisance animals & bees!
We are highly recommended by leading Pest Control services in Georgia, as well as Home Inspectors, Property Management Companies and local Realtors. We are dedicated to solve your Nuisance Animal & Bee Problems. (Owner- Timothy C. Smith)
If it's wild we can catch it. Licensed by Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division. Catch It Wild cares about your home as much as you do, Our Licensed Technicians want you to rest assured that the safety and health of your family and home are our number one priority. Catch It Wild practices humane removal and relocation of nuisance animals and bees, as well as repair the damage these unwanted visitors may have caused. Our Licensed Technicians are reliable, honest, friendly, and offer prices that every homeowner can afford.
At Catch It Wild unlike other animal removal companies delivers what others only promise, you will see the difference from the first initial phone call to our office. We care about you, your family, and your home. Our technicians are trained and licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division. Catch It Wild is fully insured for both residential and commercial properties.
Our Technicians go through continual training to stay current with all procedures and laws regarding wildlife and bee removal.
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call office: 770-361-9588
Catch It Wild promotes the Chattahoochee Nature Center and resources that provide humane treatment of wildlife, click here to check them out!
The following 5 points are what you will receive as part of our standard inspection service:
Before you allow a company to remove and relocate any animal or bee problem you have, a home owner should always verify the wildlife removal technician is licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Insured. They should always carry a nuisance animal permit and insurance at all times when in the field.
Ask about our Military & Senior Citizen 10% Discount!
We do not offer free inspections. Our inspection charge is rated so any home owner can afford our service. Some of our competitors will offer free inspections or lower inspection fee's, just to gain access to you and your property then apply high pressure sales and expensive services you don't need. ( refer to our service page)
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We offer Squirrel Removal, Raccoon Removal, Beaver Removal, Chipmunk Removal, Fox Removal, Coyote Removal, Mole Removal,Muskrat Removal,Opossum Removal, Rat Removal, Groundhog Removal, Bird Removal, Pigeon Removal, Bat Removal, Woodpecker Removal, Geese Removal, Snake Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Bee Removal, Insulation Removed and Installed, Animal Dropping Removal. Covering All North Georgia areas.
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