Catch It Wild does not offer free inspections. Our inspection charge is rated so any home owner can afford our service. Some of our competitors will offer free inspections, just to gain access to you and your property then apply high pressure sales and expensive services you don't need. Some of our competitors are in business mainly to make high pressure sales for these repairs, and are not licensed technicians by the state of GA. We offer affordable Wildlife & Bee Removal. We find the problem, solve the problem, and see to it that it is no longer a problem for you in the future. We are truly a full service company we have licensed technicians to who have been trained to solve your problems. (We offer clearance letter for realtors, potential home Buyers and sellers)

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Exclusion / Inspection Services & Animal Damage
Member of National Wildlife Control Operators Association
(We offer clearance letter for,
realtors, potential home Buyers and sellers)
Provide Dead Animal Removal

Wildlife Dropping Removal

We offer Odor Control
This neutralizes the animal scent left inside your
home to avoid possible animal reinfestation.

Treatment for all your Bee problems
Honey Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Carpenter Bees
Yellow Jackets, Bumble Bees
Cicada Killers, European Hornets
Honey Bee Comb Removal (Discuss process with Technician).
Yellow Jacket Comb Removal (Discuss process with Technician).
Hornet Nest Removal (When possible).

Snake away & Rat away
These products provide a deterrent for snakes and rats
trying to come into your home.

Snake Guard
To capture & contain snakes until they can be released safely.

Chimney Caps / Covers
Proven method to lock out Wildlife.

Vent Covers
Wildlife can not penetrate these covers.

Bat Boxes
Offered in Dark & Natural Stain
Attracts bats, natural mosquitoe predator, protects you and your family against west nile virus

Attic Insulation
Removal of old insulation that may be damaged or which may be offensive or unpleasent.
Installation of new attic insulation ( Go to our attic damage Page click to link below).
Nuisance Animal Clearance Letters.
Sevices Animal Damage
Important Information
Areas We
Photo #1
Photo #2
Oppossum Squirrels
Photo #3
Snakes &
Photo #4
Skunks Bobcats
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Photo #7
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Humane Rescue, Removal & Relocation When Possible For:
(Under The Guidelines Of Georgia DNR Wildlife Division)
Flying Squirrels, Gray Squirrels, Red & Gray Foxes, Coyotes, Raccoons
Chipmunks, Rats, Beaver, Bats,
Skunks, Opossums, Birds, Feral Cats, Feral Dogs,
Groundhog, Pigeons, Snakes, Moles, Geese,
Muskrats, Woodpeckers .. etc.
Call us we can lick the problem.
Photo #8
Licensed By GA Department of
Natural Resources
Wildlife Division
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& Rescue
Building Gap, wildlife have free access to this attic.
8 inch building gap on this home
Squirrel entering through side attic vent.
Squirrel chewed through shingles to gain access to buildling Gap.
Another Wildlife Control company made this repair. Call us don't make the same mistake this homeowner made.
Gap under shingles & behind gutters
Squirrel nest in an attic vent
Bats crawling around in attic
Bat droppings
Entry point into attic
Chew holes in ceiling of home.
Fox Den under home
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