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Question: Why did these bats pick my house?
Answer: Because it provides the necessary elements they look for to ensure their survival. They include shelter, temperature, humidity, air flow and access.
Question: I've heard that bats bite? Is my family at risk of being bitten?
Answer: Bats do not look to attack humans but like any animal he will respond as defense and biting is a defense response. You should never pick up a bat or try to capture you yourself call a professional.
Question: I have heard that bats carry rabies don't they?
Answer: Bats can be carriers of the rabies virus. Though few have the disease you should always treat it as it does and know the threat does exist. If you have concerns about a contact you have had with a bat call your County Health Department.
Question: I have been told that bats are endangerd what can I do ?
Answer: Wildlife control operators who are licensed by The Department of Natural Resources follow strict guidelines to ensure that the bats are not in danger during the exclusion process .
Questions: My friend told me bats are helpful to my yard?
Answer: Bats do thier part by devouring thier weight each day in insects this includesBats are a part of the neighborhood ecosystem, devouring large quantities of insects. Yes they are good to have around but not in your house.
Question: Maybe I shoul let them stay in my house what harm can that cause?
Answer: Allowing bats to continue to live in an attic or business may cause damage to the property due to dropping and urine not to mention bat bugs. You also have a chance of a bats finding their way into the living area.
Bats Hanging in vent Guano on bottom
Bats making almost V shape
These bats made it into attic space
Large Family of Bats
Bat Guano Pile
Bats coming through screening
Guano in insulation
Long term bat infestation
Bats with Guano on bottom of vent
Only two bats left behind
Dark Bat Box
Light Bat Box
Bats Just hanging around
single bat
Close up of bat
Small group of bats
single bat
Fact: Histoplasmosis
Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum). Both humans and animals can be affected. The disease is transmitted to humans by airborne fungus spores. The area under a roost usually has to have been enriched by droppings for two years or more for the disease organism to reach significant levels. The fungus has been found in droppings such as in an attic.
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