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Sevices Animal Damage
Unlike many other animals, raccoons tend to defecate at the same location. A house cat has similar habits. A brief search of your roof line, particularly troughs, behind bushes, and around wood piles may reveal the presence of raccoon droppings. Of course the raccoon would have to living in your home for some time to develop a pile like this.
Be careful around these droppings as they may contain roundworm known as Baylisascaris Procyonis.
Question: Can Raccoons Climb?
Answer: Yes, they are probably best known for dwelling in and around chimneys, attics and out buildings. They are excellent climbers.
Question: When do they mate?
Answer: They nornally mate January and February but can mate through June.
Question: Where do they live?
Answer: House attics, abandonded buildings, barns, hollow trees, log piles, brush piles, hay piles.
Question: Why don't I see them during the day?
Answer: Raccoons are nocturnal but it's not uncommon to see them on overcast days. They are not hibernators but might become dormant during harsh winter weather. However if you do see one during the day chances are he is sick.
Question: What do they eat?
Answer: They are known to eat dog food, cat food, fish, eggs, crayfish, water mussels, corn, grubs, bird seed, fruits, they can also eat chickens and ducks.
Question: I have droppings in my attic is this a problem?
Answer: Yes, and care should be taken when cleaning up feces, Raccon droppings carry round worm.
Question: I have outside pets will they harm them?
Answer: Yes transmission of distemper and rabies can be found through bites, scratches, and contact with saliva. These can also be transmitted through shared outside pet food dishes.
Question: I have heard that the babies are friendly and cry to be cared for?
Answer: No even babies are to not to be handled except by a proffesional. They also may pur, scream and growl, even though they maybe cute they can still scratch and bite.
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